“We often get the question, ‘What need are you meeting in Midland?’ There’s this misconception that there aren’t any missing needs or gaps. When people ask me this, I always go back to an experience I had at one of our first food giveaways at St. John’s Lutheran Church: I was helping with distribution at the giveaway and someone came up to me and handed me back a box of cake mix. She said, ‘You can take this back, I can’t use it.’ So I said, ‘Oh okay, is there something else you’d want?’ And she requested bottled water. She also handed me back yogurt and said, “I can’t take this.” So I was thinking, Okay, maybe she is diabetic, now that she is handing back the cake mix and the yogurt’. So I asked her if she was diabetic, and she said, “No. I don’t have a fridge.” And she couldn’t use the cake mix because she said, “I don’t have a stove. Right now, my family and I are living in a tent over by the golf course” And I lost it. All they wanted was bottled water. Anyone who tells me there is no need in Midland, I go back to that story.”
-Diana Butler, general manager of Journeys Coffee House and co-founder of FMC

“I like to see the people and their gratification. They’re so grateful and thankful that someone cares for them. Just to see their faces and how grateful they are….it’s so cool.
–Kim Sergent, FMC committee member

“I like finding the need in the community and filling that need. That’s what I think Filling Midland’s Cup is all about. At the food giveaway at Floyd Elementary one year, I ended up in tears. A lady came up and hugged me. She said, ‘I used to be the one who served at these types of things, but my mother recently passed, leaving my brother and I alone. Now I’m the one being served.’ You can serve, but you can need, too.”
–Carol Palmateer, FMC committee member

“Our hearts have always been for the younger, the children and their families. “We always want to take a step back and remember the Matthew verse that is a strong part of FMC. We follow God’s leading. Our focus is always reaching one more life.”
–Kurt Weber, pastor at Messiah Lutheran and co-founder of FMC

“The best part of FMC is meeting people and spending time with the kids. I loved the day of the Christmas party one year, seeing the kids’ faces. When they go into the area with the toys, their faces just light up. They can’t believe they are seeing all of these toys.”
–Suzy Krueger, FMC committee member